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Your IRON ON APPLICATION will come with directions. Simple to apply with any IRON using the cotton setting. This material may be used on 100% polyester, 100% cotton and all poly/cotton blends.

Iron On Application


  • Never use steam
  • Never set Iron hotter than the cotton setting
  • Never apply to wrinkled or wet/damp material
  • There is a piece of parchment paper attached to the back of your design. This is to protect the plastic from sticking to the packaging. You MUST remove this parchment paper. You will use it to cover your design.
  • Your design is warm peel. This means peel the plastic transfer paper when the design is warm.


1) Pre-heat your iron to the cotton setting  and pre-iron the undecorated garment to remove moisture and wrinkles.

2) Cover the masked transfer with parchment paper. Using firm, steady pressure, iron each area of the transfer for at least 20 seconds, making sure to lift the iron completely when moving (sliding it from one area to another may cause the transfer to shift on the shirt). Continue this process until you have completely ironed the transfer area. Be sure to cover all edges and corners. When we say ‘firm, steady pressure’ we mean, lots. The manufacturer recommends using two hands and all your upper body weight. If you apply any of these transfers the same way you iron your slacks or blouses, it won’t work.

3) Peel warm, wait five seconds before removing the heat transfer tape. Peel it back along the surface at a 180° angle (not straight up at 90°), in a smooth, even motion. Recover it with parchment paper  and re-press it for a few seconds to seal the deal.